Today we are going to talk about migration of Divi based website to another server. It doesn’t matter if you are migrating from server to server or from your localhost to live server, if you have WordPress installation it will be fairly easy with this method comparing to other available ways to migrate your website. Let’s begin!


Downloading and installing Duplicator

If you haven’t heard of Duplicator before, it is a completely free plugin available in wordpress repository, that is making migration of WordPress based websites fairly easy, because you don’t need to worry about changing urls in your database and all the other necessary tasks you need to do in order to correctly migrate your website.

So first thing you got to do is to install this plugin from plugins page in your wordpress dashboard or you can download it here.

After you installed duplicator, go ahead and open it from WP dashboard. After that create new package by clicking on “Create new” button. After that you will be redirected on page with additional options for creating duplicator package, but we are going to proceed here, as these options are not necessary unless you are migrating bigger websites and you need to restrict some part of website to be included in package itself. So we are going to click next and duplicator will start to scan our site and you will get results for your site.

duplicator scan complete

Make sure that all of this criteria is rated good (green). Here I have some warnings because I haven’t cleaned up my post revision and cache before making package. Anyway after making sure you have everything set click on “Build” button, and you will end up with 2 buttons for downloading installer file and archive file. Make sure you download them both and store them somewhere locally on your machine.

Transferring your files to new server via FTP

First you need to have some FTP software installed or add on. I will show you how to use FireFTP via Mozilla Firefox.
If you haven’t installed FireFTP, go with Firefox to this link here and install it. Now you have FireFtp in your Mozilla developer tools. To open it click to settings(hamburger menu) –> Developer (wrench icon) –> FireFtp, as on this gif image:


Now you need to find FTP details somewhere in you cPanel. It depends on your hosting provider. My hosting provider has FTP details on starting page. Also you can create your own FTP user trough cPanel. Usually you have FTP section on your cPanel where you have option to create new FTP client (if you need help with this please comment or contact hosting provider).

After you have created your FTP client you need to create new account on FireFTP as following on bellow gif image:


Now you need to enter your details in popup window to get access to write and copy files to your server. Here you enter details which you created in your cpanel, or you have by default on your hosting account. Also make sure that you FTP account is unlocked, which may be by default on some hosting providers, however if it is not do it manually.


You are ready now to transfer Duplicator files on your server. Now on the left hand side in FireFTP  open your folder where you have stored Duplicator zip file and installer and on the right hand side open the public_html folder and then click on the green arrow pointing right to transfer files from your machine to public_html.

transfering files

If you in some case have index.html by default inside the public_html folder, delete it as duplicator will put all necessary files inside. In meantime you can open new database for you new site.

Opening new database and user

On your cPanel host under tools section you should have “mySQL databases” tool which you will open and inside create a new database which should be straightforward. You are probably required to enter username and password for creating new database and that should be it. Make sure your database name don’t contain some usual or regular expressions as name of the site, or live, or mysql just for security reasons.

After you have opened your database and you have a user and password, now go to your live domain where you have transferred your files. Lets say that your domain is You need to open, so just enter additionally /installer.php on your domain and you should be redirected to duplicator installer panel that looks like this:

installer panel

Now write required details in the fields. The name of the database you picked in the cpanel and password. And user if you set one, if you haven’t you have probably have the same user name as database name. See if you details are correctly set by clicking “test connection” button bellow password field.  After you have enter all details make sure you have checked “I have read all warnings & notices” checkbox and then Run Deployment.

run deployment

After you deployed files, you will update your database url’s to new settings. Duplicator here does its job so you don’t need anything to configure there. Just click RUN UPDATE. After that you are done and just need to make final step.

Final steps

You will now have 3 short steps to do just in order to make sure everything is right. So first click to save Permalink button and you will be redirected to your wp-admin page. After you log in just save your permalink settings again which will create new .htaaccess file.
Then duplicator will give you notification at the top redirecting you to the cleanup page. Click on “Take me to the cleanup page” link and delete reserved files, legacy data and clear build cache.

Also make sure you check files in your public_HTML folder (via FTP or directly trough cPanel) and see if there is package files left. If you find installer.php or package created by duplicator delete it. Expecially installer.php due to security reasons. If it still exist it should be in public_HTML root folder.

And finally make sure all your links are working and all your content is here.

If you have any questions feel free to put your comments bellow.

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